Address: Via Cappuccini, 1G

Orari: Dal lunedì al venerdì 9:00 – 13:00 / 15:30 – 19:00


The library of the Agency for Cultural Promotion of the Abruzzo Region was established in 1970. Since 1984 it has been housed in the building designed by the architect Paolo Portoghesi and, in 2012, it was named after the philosopher and lawyer Giuseppe Capograssi from Sulmona.

Among the responsibilities of the Agency, as dictated by regional cultural policy,  is the promotion of reading and information and the planning and organisation of cultural activities through support for local associations and institutions.  It organises meetings with authors, book exhibitions, themed lectures on a variety of specfic topics and coordiantes the initiative ‘PassaLibro’: a free exchange bookshelf. The library also works closely with schools in various educational activities.

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The library has a collection of about 30,000 volumes with a large section of about 3,500 texts dedicated to children. It also has a multimedia collection of 1,200 DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs and CD-ROMs. There is a major section dedicated to Giuspeppe Capograssi containing both his own writings and critical texts of his work. The books can be consulted either directly via the open shelves, via the computerised bibliographic catalogue or via the various official regional journals or bulletins. There is also a loan service of materials, including between other libraries There are several reading rooms for adults - with a total of 100 seats, another for children with 12 seats and a space for children up to 5 years old. The building has also an auditorium with 98 seats, an outdoor theatre that can accommodate up to 100 spectators and a teaching room: all available for use free of charge. There are also three active internet terminals and a wi-fi service.