Address: Viale T. Patini, 23

Ingresso: Proprietà Privata


The building at number 23 Viale Patini is on two floors and has three arched openings on each floor. On the ground floor the front door, framed by an architectural order that, albeit in simplified form, still denotes the presence of a traditional syntax  with the presence of a capital and fluted shaft.  It has a depressed arch topped by floral ornamentation with ledges above the balcony. In the mullioned window of the upper floor the new style appears more firmly adopted with a  lowered arch, slender piers and plant motifs decorations.

The remaining windows on the main floor, with an eclectic and still 19th century style, have slightly pointed arches which combine well with the decorative floral crown, this time fully Liberty in style.

The upper cornice is surmounted by an attic with a balustrade in the middle showing the presence of a central terrace on the roof.

Continuing on the same street, at number 49, is another fine example of Art Nouveau architecture.

This building, also on two floors, with three arched openings on each level, is decorated with tiles featuring foliage and fruit that run across as a thin cornice becoming wider at the summit, located immediately below the cornice.

The simplicity that characterises the front door and ground-floor windows, contrasts with the decoration of flowers and foliage of the upper frame of the two and three-mullioned windows on the first floor. The building stands out in the row of buildings on the avenue due  to the vibrant contrast of colours: the bright pink facade together with the green - the dominant colour of the decorative frame - and the purity of the architectural elements.

Historical Notes

From the early decades of the 20th century, these buildings represent two examples of the adoption of the Art Nouveau style in Sulmona.